2 Great George St, Weymouth DT4 8NN

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How did we get here?

Originally from Northampton Nat and Dave visited friends in Weymouth during 2017 and decided it would be nice to move here one day, you know, once retired etc. Anyway, on a quiet day at work Nat, rather than searching the web for shoes and handbags decided to look for jobs and somewhere to live in Weymouth. One thing led to another and she cleverly was offered a job at a legal firm in Dorchester. In the meantime, what was Dave to do? It seemed an ideal opportunity for Dave to do something different, ideally working for himself. But nothing initially came to mind. This discussion took place in Northampton’s micropub St Gile’s Ale House and it’s fair to say after a couple of beers there was that light bulb moment!! So, by January 2018 we had officially moved to Weymouth, the rest of the winter was spent filling in all the required paperwork and after much re-wiring and plastering The Doghouse opened on June 30 2018.

What is a micro pub?

There are many different  ideas as to what consitutes a micro-pub (or Micro Pub or micropub etc). Generally a micro-pub is typically a small local shop converted into a free-house, usually one room.  Micropubs usually sell cask ale from local microbreweries benefitting the local community and economy. They often have shorter opening hours than traditional pubs. The Micropub Association definition of a micro-pub: “listens to its customers, mainly serves cask ales, promotes conversation, shuns all forms of electronic entertainment and dabbles in traditional pub snacks”.

OK, so we have bent a few of these ‘rules’. We do have a television – well I wanted to watch the Six Nations! We also don’t mind discrete mobile phone usage. We have Wi-fi, how else are you going to check in on Facebook? We have a darts board, it keeps me amused in those long, dark, quieter winter days when Weymouth is empty. Lager? Lager! Surely a micro-pub can’t be selling lager? Well, we do, but only bottled lagers. I don’t want to lose a group of lads because one will only drink lager. And yes, it does happen. We have also had one person commenting ‘you can’t be a micro-pub as you are open seven days a week’. Right oh then! Anyway we close Sundays during the winter so that showed him.

You may vape in the pub if other customers are not inconvenienced. We are dog friendly and welcome well-behaved children before 7pm.

Please note our opening hours change from summer to winter

The future

We still have lots of ideas to improve The Doghouse. Unfortunately these all cost money! The pub does get very hot in the summer so an air conditioning unit may be a possibility, this will also help keeping the beers cool though thankfully the cooling jackets we have now seem to do a good job.  We certainly do need to re-lay the floor, it is a suspended floor and the joists under are succumbing to damp and need replacing. However the dodgy old floor has directly led to our wonderful Minions border – feel free to ask about it!

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